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The Mantra- TBT 11.22.11

In Thoughts On Turning 30: Switching Careers, Jozen talks about the difference between talent and skill. In it he basically solidifies the saying, “Ideas without execution are worthless”. I cannot stress how true this is, because I have sadly exemplified the concept for years. I hope that from this moment on I personify the following personal mantra instead: Envision, execute, enforce.

Envision. I am a visionary. I don’t even care if I sound pompous for saying that because it’s a true fucking story. I see things before they happen, and notice things many don’t. I’d like to think it’s some sort of innate talent I possess, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a result of being a little lot crazy. Whatever the reason, on a good day my creativity is only surpassed by my imagination. Unfortunately, the only thing that surpasses my imagination is my lack of diligence.

Execute. Almost anyone can think of the next best thing. Almost no idea is original. And as much as I am a dreamer, I know I’m not the only one. Even if you have a better story than your co-worker, even if you sing better than your classmate, and even if you’re prettier than your neighbor – none of that shit matters if you lack the drive to execute, and apply your ideas. Execution is what will turn your co-worker into a best selling author, your classmate into a Grammy award winner, and your neighbor into a covergirl instead of you. But it doesn’t end there.

Enforce. Towards the end of December people begin to think of New Years Resolutions. By 9:37pm New Years Eve after three plates of food and before seven glasses of champagne, “Go to the gym” usually becomes one of these resolutions. By January 2nd, the employees of fitness centers all around the world will be having a field day. Come February 14th, and more than half of these new members will end up simply “donating” to the Bally’s fund.

This is probably the most crucial step in succeeding in whatever it is you plan on doing. It’s easy to get excited over something, but hard to stay excited. Especially if you don’t see the results you want right away. But once you get even just a little taste of the fruits of your labor, the blood, sweat, and tears will be that much sweeter.

Envision. Execute. ENFORCE.

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