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The Man With No Homegirls.

I’ve always been one of the boys. I was raised by older male cousins, didn’t fuck (or even date) any of the homies in high school, and was always the homegirl that got invited to “Boys night out” in college. Even now, you can find me grabbing dinner or going shopping with one of my homies. This is why I never cared if the man I was dating had a gang of homegirls. Why would I? I AM one of those homegirls.

One of my homies recently told me that the girl he was dating was a little concerned that he had so many girl friends. I totally get it. My friend is tall, has his shit together, dresses well, is cultured, articulate, funny, and an overall likable person. It also doesn’t help that his homegirls are awesome and gorgeous lol. What I wish I could tell her though, was his homegirls have BEEN his homegirls and will still be just his homegirls even if the two of them don’t work out.

I also wanted to tell her that you shouldn’t worry about the man with homegirls. You should worry about the man with NO homegirls. More than likely, there’s a very good reason for it.

The man with no homegirls can’t have homegirls for several reasons. For some men, there is no point in hanging out with a female unless he’s trying to date her or fuck her. It’s not to say that women don’t make good friends, it’s just them being realistic. For some, it’s hard to consistently hang out with a person of the opposite sex without gaining either feelings or a physical attraction towards them. If the man with no homegirls suddenly has one, you may have reason to be concerned.

Having said that, do I believe it’s impossible for men and women to be friends? Not at all, but with the very rarest of exceptions, one of those involved has liked or does like the other person. I know men who would never make a move on their “homegirl” but would still push the pedal to the metal if given the GO. For the most part, men and women are only friends, because one of them keeps it that way. I know this from experience.

So if you’re dating a man with homegirls, you should feel relieved. They will more than likely be YOUR voice of reason when he’s being unreasonable. Regardless of how  many girl friends he has, remember he wanted YOU to be his girlfriend.

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