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The Isolation Journals – Day 1: Suleika Jaouad

Dear Simone,

I always wanted a boy. I think I turned out pretty fucking awesome, but God forbid I have me another one of me. I’ve always wanted a boy … up until now. And it’s not that I want a girl, I just think the universe is going to give me one. The universe is going to give me YOU.

I hope you look like I did as a baby. Have you seen my baby photos? I’ll obviously show you when you’re old enough. I hope you have my big eyes and dark hair. I also hope you have curls and dimples. Basically, I hope you have all the features I love to look at, but don’t have myself. But most of all, I hope you are healthy and happy.

I know we haven’t met yet,  but I want you to know that you will be a better person than I could even THINK about being. I know this. There are so many more things I know and hope for you, but I rather tell you in person. 

Love you most, Mom

Today’s prompt: Write a letter to a stranger—someone imaginary, someone you met once, someone you only know from a distance. Tell them any and everything: when you first noticed them and what has happened since, how you’d like your day to start and to end, or what’s been on your mind. Or tell them a story about a time when something difficult led you to an unexpected, interesting, maybe even wondrous place. You may be stuck inside four walls, but there are no boundaries. Say whatever you want to say, whatever you think they need to hear. *Note: These letters are not meant to be sent.

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