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The Grow Up.

I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I’m growing up. Kinda. I say “kinda” because I finally picked out my medical benefits all by myself … yet still managed to get cake all over my shirt this past Sunday. It’s hard to say. I’m the same girl I was when I started this nearly a decade ago, but I’m also not. Strangely, I have a feeling you guys get what I mean by that.

Looking back, I’ve found that my most popular posts next to ones about 9-inch dicks and anal sex, were about love. More specifically, heartache. While happy posts about the “glitter and the gay” were a strong 3rd place, ain’t no better Mary J. than …

What’s the 411? Mary J. K-Ci from JoJo Mary J. Sad Mary J.

Alas, I couldn’t be sad forever – no matter how many views it got. And I hope y’all don’t want to be sad forever either.

I’ve also been coming to terms with the fact that my readers are growing up with me. Look at y’all falling in love, having careers and shit. Your boyfriends who’ve begrudgingly read my articles in the past have turned into your husbands, and if they were horrible people – have turned into your ex. Either way, mama is proud.  Just the other day I received a DM from one reader who started following GATNB when she was 18 – she’s now 25. One: where’d my graduation invite go? Two: HOLY SHIT, that’s love.

It’s bittersweet. On one hand, it’s a reminder that I’ve had my blog for so many years yet feel like I didn’t hustle hard enough to have it reach its fullest potential. On the other hand, I’m grateful to have even made a difference in one person’s life. 

If you’re a Day 1, the change in my blog content should be apparent. I went from writing about anal sex and cheaters to plants and crystals, and I’m sure some of y’all want a refund. Naturally, the direction may change as I change – as we change. However, my mission to let you know you aren’t alone will never waver. Not never. You can’t have the glow up without the grow up. Otherwise, all you’re doing is getting old. And you know I ain’t having that. 

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