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The Friend Files

When I first meet a guy, I can usually tell within the first 5 minutes if he’s going in my “Friend folder,” or “I could take it there,” file. Because usually, I know right away if a man has the potential to be MY man. In no way does that mean he will be my boyfriend (‘cuz shit who says he’s even interested?), it just means I wouldn’t mind getting to know him in a “more than just friends” way. It means, “pending until further notice.”

But not everyone is the same. And there comes that rare occasion where you meet someone who you put in your friend file, but somehow made their way out of it and into your hands for review. Either they supported you during a really hard time in your life. Or you heard her sing for the very first time. Or he popped a 12 o’clock wheelie in front of you. Or her new haircut looks really, really good on her. Or he sent you the perfect text message at the perfect time. Whatever it was, it made you tilt your head to the side and go, “Hmmm.”And then all of a sudden they become slightly more attractive, and you start to look at them in a slightly different way.

So now you’re questioning yourself. “Could I actually like this guy/girl?”

When two people who are friends first gain feelings for each other, the biggest concern they have is making shit awkward and possibly ruining their friendship. Sometimes the feelings are mutual. Sometimes they aren’t. And then (and the worst scenario to me) sometimes you THINK you’re interested, but really? You were just having a “moment,” and just as soon as you get turned on, you’re turned off and you remember why you put this person in the friend file to begin with.

So don’t get shit twisted and make sure that what you feel is real. Nobody wants to get hurt, nobody wants to lose a friend, and nobody wants to be just a “moment.” Because even worse than the “Friend file” is the “Case closed” file.

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