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The Final Countdown.

To say this year flew by fast would be an understatement. It would also be a lie, because there were certain times I wished I could’ve just slept through to make the hurt subside. Nevertheless, today is not the day to dwell. Nor is any. While we all get ready for tonight, whether that means getting your makeup done at the MAC counter for a spicy night out  or preparing hors d’oeuvres for a yummy night in, I can’t help but contemplate on this past year. I can’t say if it’s my best one yet, but it was definitely the most exciting, scary, and life-changing one thus far. And with every curse, I received a blessing. Since those are the most important, I’ll leave you with some of my five  favorite/significant moments of 2012. Click after the jump to read the rest,  and please feel free to share yours as well.

My birthday. It was the perfect weekend of family and friends. Very laid-back with no dress-code enforced. Every year on Earth is a blessing to me, especially when I get to celebrate it with the people I love.

Playing peek-a-boo with Makai. Clearly, I was the only one playing.

Summertime Chi. Although this weekend was a blur, I soaked up every minute of it – literally. The second day of Lollapalooza (which was our first) was closed mid-way through due to an emergency weather evacuation in the park, but I didn’t let anyone or anything rain on my parade and still had a blast. Since I’ve never attended Coachella, Lolla was my first music festival of its kind. While I don’t know if I have the stamina (or brain/liver cells) to attend it again, I will definitely be making my way back to the beautiful windy city.

Skout. Although not the ideal position for me, Skout was the ideal company I needed to work at after my four-month funemployment stint. It was my first time working at a start-up, and opened me up to a whole new world that embraced the term “work hard, play hard(er)”. Maybe I didn’t work there long enough to have a bad day, but I can’t ever remember coming home hating my life. I loved the people I worked with (financial pod like wha?!), and loved the fact that my co-workers were also my friends.

Champaign for the campaign.

San Francisco Giants Win the World Series (AGAIN!). In actuality, this moment is tied with my May NY trip. But what did you expect from someone whose happiest moment in her life thus far was when they won the ‘ship in 2010? NO FUCKING JOKE. While I told myself that nothing would compare to the 2010 run, 2012 was definitely pretty close and still epic nevertheless. Had I still been in SF for the post-season run, I probably would’ve never left.

New York in May. This trip was just supposed to be an overdue vacation to the city I fell in love with as a naive high school graduate, and aspiring fashion designer. Hah! The new friends family I made in Cabo last year only gave me even more reason to make the trip. Little did I know that 10 days in the Big Apple, and one night of pretending would change my life forever.

THE MOVE. I’m typing this on the 26th, so there’s still room for something amazing to happen between now and NYE. Regardless, my decision to move to NY has left the biggest impact on me thus far. And whether I move back next month, next year, or never (gasp), I will never regret the best mistake I made back in June.

They say it’s quality over quantity. Lucky me, I’ve got both.

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