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That’s That Shit I Don’t Like.

It’s been a while since I’ve went on a rant, and misery loves company! Here are three of my current (and probably forever) frustrations. Someone please tell me you feel the same!!!

Skid marks in the toilet bowl. Well damn, how’s that for a smooth transition? But seriously. Would it fucking kill you people to “look back at it” once you’re done? Have some goddamn consideration! There is no reason there should be kibbles and bits in the toilet for the next person to see. It takes one second to double check if you’ve left any belongings behind, and another second to flush the toilet once more. 

Group chat rooms. GROUP chats are supposed to make it easier for a GROUP of people to have a conversation. Usually, these GROUPS consist of three people or more. They are called GROUP chats for a reason. If you’re in a chat room with six people, but have been having a separate conversation consisting of 10 messages with just one member of the GROUP, do everyone on that thread a fucking favor and text them separately for flying fucks sake!

The illiterate. I’m not talking about those with legitimate disabilities, or the unfortunate who were never taught how to read. I’m talking about fucktards with the actual ability to form words out of letters, and sentences out of words, yet refuse to exercise their ability to read. I’m talking about you assholes that ask me dumb ass questions like “Ooh girl, what you doing there?” when my caption clearly says, “At SF State for my favorite cousins graduation!”.  Fuck you, go away. 

Yeezy is not amused by your stupidity.

Yeezy is not amused by your stupidity.

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