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TGIFuck Football.

I’m kidding. Don’t get all Aaron Hernandez on me now, I just needed a title. Anyway, in an attempt to give football a chance, (but ultimately prove to everyone just how boring I think it is) I’ve joined my very first (and hopefully last) fantasy football team this season. At this time, I can say that the only thing fun about it was creating my team name – and even that someone else thought of. While I still don’t like football any more, I don’t like it any less either. One thing’s for sure, I’m definitely paying a lot more attention to it. Here are a few things I’ve noticed doing so.

1. Fantasy Football is dumb. Yeah, I said it. Now that I’ve got your attention, I’ll take it back. It’s not dumb, but you don’t need to be a genius to play and win. This is my very first experience looking at the NFL website and watching paying attention to more than a quarter of a football game. It’s not that I don’t understand it, it just doesn’t interest me enough to get into it. I drafted my FF team drunk as shit on my friend’s floor with no help from anyone, which is probably why I wound up with 3 QBs. Had I put in genuine effort, and maybe actually done some homework, I’m pretty sure I’d have a kicker right now (smh). Still, nothing is guaranteed. Anything can happen. Your star QB could get injured prompting the coach to bring in your 2nd string QB permanently (sound familiar?). Thus, fucking your entire rotation up. Obviously, it helps to do some research. Knowing your players beforehand makes it easier. But luck does wonders. No really, Andrew Luck just made someone points right now.

2. Watching football at a sports bar is fun. A lot of fun actually. No one gets that fucking intense/excited during a regular season baseball game. Unless you’re me of course. I’ve been told that this is because there are so few football games, so every one counts. I believe it’s because football fans are fucking nuts. Regardless, it’s hard to not participate. Even if you can’t differentiate why the last call was a pass interference and not an interception. Everyone pounding on the tables, jumping on chairs and doing “Who’s got it better than us?” chants is contagious and you can’t help but  join in. Me? We could be watching the puppy bowl for all I care, I’m in it for the beer.

3. I get it. Ultimately, I unwillingly get it. I’m still not a fan, but I get why people love football. I also get why some people think baseball is boring. My old co-worker said basketball is the most boring sport. Now that I don’t get, but we’re not even gonna go there. Having said all of that, GO NINERS! No matter what sport it is, I’ll always represent my city.

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