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So Close, Yet So Far.

Day 1 of the official shelter-in-place policy is almost in the books, but the truth is I’ve been social distancing since the first week of March. Since then, the world has joined me and I’ve Facetimed with my best friend who lives 10 mins away (that I rarely see) twice in one week. My group text thread of girlfriends has never been more lit, and I’ve already had two virtual Zoom happy hours.

I finally picked up a book that was indefinitely stuck on Chapter 3 since October, and finished it in two weeks. I got back into the habit of cooking at home, while subsequently saving money. I have three blogs drafted. I HAVE THREE BLOGS DRAFTED. I learned how to play backgammon and opened up a dusty box of dominoes. I won’t lie, I’ve watched a lot of TV, but have also sat in silence more. I’m (unsuccessfully) learning Spanish. I’ve saged my apartment. I’ve meditated twice a day. And I’ve taken more walks and hikes in nature than ever before. 

In actuality, social distancing in a back-handed compliment kind of a way has actually brought us all closer. Closer to each other, to ourselves, to our spirt, and to the Earth. It will soon be over, and we’ll be back to taking our regular routine. Our 7am BART ride to work and eating  in a cafeteria buzzing with people who complain about free lunch. The kids will be back in school, and tatay will be back at the casino. Hand sanitizer will be plentiful, and people will stop hoarding toilet paper. The gyms will be crowded, and you will once again be able to enjoy your matcha latte at the coffee shop you only go to, because it’s more photogenic on Instagram. 

And when this happens, I hope we will all remember that one time we went the distance for one another by staying 10 feet apart. 


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