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Show me what you workin’ with.

When it comes to adulting, there are a lot of us who share the same sentiment towards having to get up in the morning to go to work. Even for those who like their job, and even worse for those who don’t. In Relationshits Pt. 2 I wrote about leaving a shitty work environment, and since then have learned that a lot of people I know have had similar experiences. One good thing about me is once I learn a lesson, I devote my time to making sure someone else doesn’t make the same mistake. One bad thing about me, is I can be aggressive when doing so. I’m sorry, I just don’t want anyone to go through the same misery.

Unfortunately, going through something yourself is usually the only way to get past it. While each person is different, the stories were similar. Especially their reasons for not quitting despite the horrible circumstances. Below are the most common reasons I noticed. If you’re in a similar situation, I don’t expect you to read this and quit your toxic job. However, I do hope you will realize that you are not alone and can find happiness at your job and the respect you deserve despite the demons in your head telling you otherwise.

I’m comfortable: I get it. You have a routine and know the ins and outs of your job like a ho in heat. It’s almost effortless. Change always has the ability to be scary, even good change. But let’s not forget that your current job was new to you at one point and you managed just fine. Comfy is great when it comes to mattresses and sneakers, but not when it comes to growth or it getting in the way if you being in a healthier work environment. 

I love my co-workers/I love “fill in the blank with whatever free millennial snack is provided”: It’s true when they say that you don’t leave jobs, you leave people. I probably would’ve found myself another job by now if I didn’t like my bosses so much, and sadly I’ve stayed at jobs I wasn’t happy at because of people. But if those people you like are good people, they will want you to leave them for greener, healthier pastures. And if they’ve transitioned over to friends outside of work, they will more than likely want to keep in touch for the occasional happy hour to bitch over how the old company is still the same. As far as perks? No flavor of LaCroix or massage chair is worth your mental health. 

I’ll never find another job: This is probably the BIGGEST reason why most people don’t want to leave their current job despite having anxiety attacks in break rooms, and I completely understand. For some, the only thing worse than a horrible job – is no job.  Just as worse is the process of finding a new job, which I will go into in another blog. But believe me when I say that you will find another job. A job where more than likely you won’t be treated like shit. It’s scary, but compromising your mental health for a job that doesn’t give a shit about it is scarier. The the sooner you make the decision to leave a crappy job, the sooner you’ll find one you deserve and more importantly – one that deserves you. 

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