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Sexy In The City

I was watching Joan Rivers cover the red carpet at the Golden Globes the other day (don’t judge me!) when a picture of Glee star Leah Michele wearing an embroidered illusion Marchesa gown popped up on the screen. The hosts thought she looked good, but deemed her not “sexy” enough to pull the dress off. OUCH. I can’t say whether I agree or disagree yet, but I do think someone like Halle Berry would’ve been a better match. Still, I couldn’t help but emmpathize with Leah.

I’ve dealt with self-image issues all my life; I’m short, flat-chested, and have mild rosacea. I’m too skinny in some areas, too pudgy in others, and sometimes feel nonexistent. But I’ve learned that everyone has different taste. I see women I don’t find particularly attractive walk through clubs and get picked up on left and right all the time. What some find beautiful, others find unattractive and vice-versa. This is why as cliche as it sounds, you really have to be happy with yourself so that the opinions of others don’t even matter.

But if you’re anything like me, the opinions of others will and do matter. Even if just a little bit. So you emphasize the traits you do have, especially those non-physical. Because anyone can fake cleavage, eye lashes, and a big booty – but you can’t fake a personality.

When I’m having a bad day, nothing makes me feel better than a good laugh. The loud, heavy, ugly laugh that comes from your gut and makes you feel as if you did a thousand sit-ups. Furthermore, I feel good when I’m able to make someone else laugh. That’s when I feel sexy. More importantly, that’s when I feel beautiful.

During an interview with Emma Stone, she was asked if she’d rather be remembered as pretty or funny. I think it was a subliminal shot to her “Not the prettiest girl but definitely funny” persona. Some of my male friends agree that she’s not the most striking beauty, but there is definitely something about her that makes her attractive. That something being her humor. And you know what happened to the “funny girl.”

She nabbed Ryan Gossling.

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