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Rappers Delight.

If I had to compare my ex boyfriend to a rapper, he would easily be Nasir Jones. Street smart, but in school to be an engineer as well. In short, “A thug, but intelligent too”. It had me thinking about other exes, and their rapper counterparts. With the help of Jey, I’ve compiled a list of rappers below. Some of which I may or may not have had crushes on before (DON’T JUDGE ME, BIZZY WAS CRACKIN IN THE 90’s!). Ladies, which have you dated?

Mos Def: You know, that smooth, sensitive, conscious guy … that beats his wife.

Bizzy Bone: That scrubby weed smoking dude you’re feeling, but have no idea why.

T.I.: The Southern gentleman who is down for you, but 4’10”.

Method Man: A man that’s rough around the edges, but … nope. He’s just rough around the edges.

Macklemore: The boyfriend that will apologize for being your boyfriend.

2Chainz: That one DUMB EX (I’ve definitely dated a 2Chainz type).

Nas: The prototype.

Kanye: The boyfriend that only wants to fuck in front of the mirror, so that he can see himself. That’s of course when he’s not too busy making beats to have sex.

P-Diddy: The guy you’ve been seeing for 5+ years, but never claims you.

Jay-Z: Someone you make twice as much money as.

Drake: He’s the type of boyfriend that whispers to shopping carts, “Don’t let these n*ggas push you around”.

Eminem: The boyfriend with mommy issues. Girlfriend issues. Baby-mama issues. Anger management issues. Prescription pill issues. The Source issues. Just. ISSUES.

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BTW, don’t get your panties in a bunch. JOKES guys, JOKES.

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