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One In A Million.

I cannot believe it’s been 10 years since Aaliyah’s passing. I remember exactly where I was and what was going on when it happened; celebrating my cousin Sean’s birthday at my aunt’s old apartment on 46th and Judah. Shit was crazy.

Please don’t stone me when I say that I wasn’t the biggest Aaliyah fan. Don’t get me wrong – I was and still am an Aaliyah fan, but I never attended any of her concerts, didn’t have any posters of her on my wall, and never bought any of her music. But to me Aaliyah is still one of the most unique, and irreplaceable female artists EVER.

She was a style icon (from sports bras and baggy-pants to long skirts with double thigh high splits and bolero jackets), a dancing machine (4-page letter and are you that somebody are my 2 faves), and most of all the true definition of a LADY. The epitome of sexy, yet sophisticated. Sassy, yet classy. She was the girl that everyone liked, and got along with. The chick all the rappers wanted to get with, but felt like they weren’t good enough for lol. She was definitely more than a woman. RIParadise “Baby-girl”.

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