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No Time to Bleed – TBT 12.16.11

Think fast. Love strong. Dream big. Live large. Work Smart. Party hard.  Play Scattergories with friends. Have Tuesday dinners at different restaurants. Baby-sit your favorite niece or nephew. Try out a new coffee shop. Write all day. Laugh all night. Study even though you’re not in school. People watch. Don’t talk shit about the people you watch. OK talk shit but not for more than five minutes. Run the Marina. Visit your old boss that you actually like love. Try foie gras for the first time. Pack your schedule. Be hungry, never thirsty. Attend the concert of a band you’ve never heard of. Go to the library. Own the gym. Keep it moving, but don’t forget to BREATHE. Take a dance class. An art class. A music class. Learn how to play an instrument. Kiss someone on the dancefloor then never talk to them again. Take the ferry. Ride a cable car. Pretend to be a tourist in your own city. Go fishing. Volunteer. Turn your phone off. Watch a live show. Go ice-skating. Get a massage. Grind ’til the brakes fall off. Reward yourself. Get your nails done. Play in the rain. Eat ice-cream in the sun. Make hot-chocolate and watch a movie at home. Read a fucking book. List goals. Check them off. Take 30 minutes out of your day to acknowledge problems, complain, dwell, or vent. Spend the rest of the day remembering how AWESOME you are. Be positive, and when you can’t be negative. Then remind yourself that it won’t change things being miserable, so you might as well be happy. Kick ass. Smile more. Have lunch alone. Take a trip by yourself. Think fast. Live strong. Work smart. Party hard. And never have time to bleed again.

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