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Love is Love. But unfortunately, not everyone recognizes that.

Everybody has their own reasons for voting Yes on Prop 8. And everyone has their own reasons for voting No.

Some vote no because they themselves are homosexual and would like the same rights as every other law abiding, tax paying citizen. Some vote no because although they have no urge to get married, they would like the option to. And some vote no not necesarily because they’re for gay marriage but because they are for protecting their individual rights.

I am not the biggest gay rights advocate. I’m not marching up and down Market St. with a giant rainbow colored banner. I’m not attending City Hall meetings. And I’m not having people sign petitions. But trick luh the kids. I am a supporter of gay rights, and most importantly, a supporter of love.

I voted NO Proposition 8 because I believe the rationale being given for voting for it, is hypocritical and unjust. Point blank – it’s booshit.

The Catholic church is strongly against gay marriage because “the Bible says,” the holy union should only be shared between a man and a woman. Basically, God don’t love the gays. And yet – u have priests who are supposed to be “messengers of God” molesting little boys behind the altar?! Are u serious? I dunno ’bout u but I rather have homosexual marriage than a dude with a white collar touching my son. At least being gay isn’t something being FORCED upon the individual. BTW, I am Catholic.

Then, u have right-wing extremist trying to preserve the sanction of marriage, reasoning that it should remain sacred between a man and woman. Yet so many politicians have been caught cheating on their wives left and right. And u really wanna tell me these people value the concept of marriage?


I also voted No on Prop 8 because just like many, I have had my heart broken before. Therefore, I believe that when one finds true love, they should be able to embrace it and celebrate regardless of what gender or color they find it with. (Well, unless it’s with a goat or your own child – ‘cuz beastiality and incest is just gross. Sorry.)

I am strictly dickly hetero. I still feel uncomfortable when I see 2 gay men sticking their tongues down each others throats. And quite honestly, when I have children although I’ll love them regardless – I would prefer their sexual preference be straight. But don’t tell me to vote Yes on 8 because it’s against religion and the law knowin damn well u’ve had sex before marriage and just ran a red light.

Click here for more info about the NO H8TE campaign.

P.S. See all u flamers and box eaters at Pride this weekend 🙂

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