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My Top 5 Moments of the 2014 World Series

Are you sick of my baseball rants yet? Too bad, you’ve got one more to go. Feel blessed you weren’t (or were) around in 2010, because I think it was much worse. I just couldn’t let the season go without acknowledging my favorite plays/moments/memories of the 2014 World Series. I’ll get back to your regular scheduled program of love, sex and heartbreak as soon as I’m done. So without further adieu, and in no particular order …

1. The double-play seen around the world. When Hosmer hit that ball 106.1 MPH against Affeldt in the third inning of game 7, I was sure he’d get on the bag. Except Baby-Posey aka rookie Joe Panik dove in for the catch nearly drilling a hole into the ground as he caught it. But he wasn’t done yet. Using his gloved hand, he awkwardly (but effectively) threw the ball to short-stop Brandon Crawford who successfully threw it to Belt on first, completing an extremely crucial double-play. What’s even more impressive is this all happened in a matter of … shit, I can’t even say seconds. Panik’s reaction time to the hit was -.03 seconds. His glove-flip clocking in at .83 seconds. Crawford’s reaction time was recorded at -.91 seconds, and he still managed to throw the ball at 72.2 MPH. DAFUQ?!

2. Brandon Belt’s defensive slide into first base. If you ever watch a game with me, one of the plethora of things I scream at the TV is “Nobody slides anymore? Y’all don’t even wanna try no more?” So when Belt raced Perez into first and beat him with a slide, I was not only relieved – I was surprised. 

3. Jarrod Dyson’s diving catch in Game 4. I remember this game quite vividly. I remember looking down into the bottom of my beer glass shaking my head, and wondering what the possibility of successfully drowning myself in it was. Then, I looked up and all of a sudden we were leading 11-4. I also distinctively remember Dyson’s ridiculous catch in the bottom of the 5th. Never mind Pence’s good judgement or the fact he made the tying run, it was out shined by Dyson’s catch in my book. Some Giants fans may disagree, but I give credit where credit’s due and that was one hell of a fucking catch. It looked like it took the wind out of him.

4. Bumgarner’s entire World Series run, but ESP the play where the ball was hit straight to him and he caught it like how Mr. Miyagi catches flies with chopsticks in The Karate Kid. I unfortunately can’t find a clip of that specific play, so this will have to do. Because my all-time favorite line of the World Series definitely has to be during his Game 7 postgame interview when asks him if he would would be able to pitch if there was a game 7, and he replies …  LIKE A BOSS. 


5. The last out of Game 7. Duh. Panda falling to his knees after the last catch. Crawford and his luxurious hair running infield. Hudson grabbing Bum’s face as if it were his own child’s (you know the Hudson fam took the Bum fam in right?). The KC crowd proving they’re still royal by chanting for their team even in defeat. And the most tender Buster hug ever. 

Honorable mention: Michael Morse’s Game 7 RBI that gave us the lead. I mean, anything that proceeds anything Michael Morse does actually. Because you always know it’ll be done with the most genuine enthusiasm and gratitude. He’s always hopping and skipping around like a little kid, and don’t even get me started on his doofy ass smile. Nothing exhibits how endearing he is like the video below. Look at his ass come back out of the dugout just to get the crowd amped again. Plus his walk up song is Take On Me. I mean come on!

If your favorite World Series moment wasn’t a part of list, please share in the comments below!

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