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Love Is – Part III

Kisses from my misses.

After happy hour the night continued in the private dining room of the Americano, where we indulged in even more alcohol and Chef Kory … ‘s creations.


The bartenders graciously replaced our tequila drinks with one that included bourbon. This was probably the beginning of the end for me.

Chef Kory. Sorry ladies, he was not on the menu.

The staff, the ambiance, and of course the food were AMAZING.

Fritto misto of deliciousness w/ mignionette aioli.

Grilled ribeye w/ ox-tail and Tuscan kale ravioli. HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS WAS GOOD.

By the time dinner was over, it was safe to say that we were all drunk and full. But that didn’t stop us from heading out to the new hotspot Chambers to … you guessed it, eat and drink some more!

Smoking hamachi and crab croquettes, one of many bar bites served.

I used to go-go dance here when it was still Bambuddha Lounge, and am impressed by the new look. I love the records that line its halls, and especially the lights behind the bar which you’ll see at the end of this post. Thank God St-Germaine is actually tasty and the drinks were good, because we were practically fish that night. Our table had a never ending supply of cocktails, cheers to that!

Probably shouldn't have drank these but they were soooo goooood.

We drank. We laughed. We ate. We danced. We made new friends. We drank some more. And still managed not to make an ass of ourselves in front of company.

With Riley from 7x7 and our photographer for the night, Nikki.

Finally the clock struck 12, and we headed back to Hotel Vitale where YES, even more alcohol awaited us. This is pretty much how we all felt by the end of the night.

A bootleg 7 dwarfs: Hungry, happy, horny, sleepy, lusty, busty, and wasted.

Capped off the night with goody-bags courtesy of 7x7 mag. I think we're hired.

Slowly, the ladies started filing out as they sobered up while me and Rach were left to feel like Julia Roberts in our hotel room. Probably not the best comparison, but we felt pampered nevertheless!

I cannot stress how grateful I am for everyone that helped me win this contest. Not to mention how blessed I am to have girlfriends that inspire me to write about love and friendship. This includes my mom, who was the person that made all of this happen to begin with. She emailed me the morning of the LAST day telling me to enter saying, “This is right up your alley!” I was still half asleep, so I just copied and pasted an old blog of mine and the rest as they say is herstory. I’m more than thankful to have a mom who not only supports what I love, but understands it as well.

I hope this is just one of many stories like this I have to share with you. I’ll end this post with this picture. Because you should never settle for anything less.

Special thanks to:

Read the 7×7 recap of the night HERE.

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