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Living Single

I talk about love and relationships a lot on this blog. Some may say I have no authority to do so considering I haven’t been in a “real” relationship (gauge that as you wish) for so long, to which I say worry about your life not mine. I’ve experienced love. Fortunately and unfortunately more than once. And all it takes is one time and you’ll remember it forever. However, yall got a point. So today I’ll write about something I know very well about; being self sufficient.

When a person is newly single, amazing friends, hobbies, and self-love are essential. The following things can make life a little easier though. While I’m speaking from a woman’s perspective, anyone (man, woman, single or not) can benefit from them.

George Foreman Grill – When the very first person on Earth got their heart broken they prayed for some sort of redemption, and God gave them the Foreman Grill. Whether you’re a man, woman, single, boo’d up, have other mouths in the household to feed, or are living solo, it should be a kitchen staple. Top chefs and novices alike can enjoy this convenient, efficient, and cost effective appliance.

A bottle of wine or 6-pack of beer: This is NOT for raging on the weekends. This is for after those long days at work, or those baseball games you watch from your couch. Some people need a cigarette to relax, I prefer a nice cold Blue Moon. Orange slice por favor.

Emergency Car Kit: If you’re scatterbrained, you’ll eventually leave your headlights on and find your car battery dead after work. If you’re scatterbrained like me you’ll do this twice in one week. And if you’re gonna be THAT girl, you might as well be THAT girl that comes prepared.

Tool kit: You shouldn’t own a tool kit because you don’t have a man to fix shit for you. You should own a tool kit because the last time I asked my two male roommates for a hammer, they looked at me like I had a penis growing out of my forehead. COME ON SON! Even if you aren’t putting together a bookshelf, a hammer, pliers, and a screwdriver (at the very least) are always useful to have around the house.

Netflix subscription: Although Red Box will substitute just fine. Especially if you’re like me and have one three blocks away from you. Having a solid and consistent +1 is one of the petty things I miss about having a boyfriend. Of course I still have platonic hot movie dates with my homies and girl friends, but we all know that sometimes it’s just not the same. But just because we don’t have someone to make out snuggle with during the movie though, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a Blockbuster night solo. Depending on my mood, I may even prefer it.

Ladies and fellas, what are your single must-haves? And what activities do you actually prefer to do alone rather than in a group or as a couple?

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