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It’s Expensive Being an Adult.

What started out as one of my many, useless Facebook rants about adulting, ended with an entire post about buying expensive shit I would’ve never cared to have 5+ years ago. Although I’ve been paying rent and living away from my mother for over a decade now, I feel as if I JUST got my first “adult” apartment. Maybe it’s the fact that my name is actually on a lease or that I had to apply for it, but more than likely it’s because I’M BUYING A LOT MORE SHIT THAN I HAVE BEFORE.

Long gone are the days of mismatched dining room chairs and twin beds. Who am I even kidding? I didn’t have a dining table in college! At any rate, I’ve compiled a list of unnecessary necessities whose prices always make me gasp. 

Rugs. It almost makes me mad that rugs are so expensive, especially knowing that it’s just going to get dirty and walked all over on. I’m not even talking about the fancy ones made of unicorn hair flown in overnight from Middle Earth, because even the Ikea ones can be costly. WHYYYY?

$1,700 whyyyyy?

Bar carts. Bruh, you’re not even a full table. I can barely have a meal on you, WHY ARE YOU SO EXPENSIVE? Is it because all the goodies you will hold like Japanese whiskey, Hall reds, and sipping tequila will take away all my problems and bring joy to my life? OK then, fair enough. Moving on…

Throw pillows. I legit have no explanation for this. For the most part, these just end up being decoration, or falling on the floor because the abundance of them leaves no room on the sofa. I have an ugly, brown ass couch, so throw pillows are necessary to unbrown it. I get that some pillows are handcrafted in India by someone’s 167 year-old grandma and shit, but even the ones that feel like sandpaper can be expensive. 

ANYTHING FROM CRATE & BARREL. This just makes me mad, because everything is so fucking cute there. Sure, there’s CB2, but even then only people with money think that’s a steal. It’s the difference between something being $1,100 and then being on clearance for $999 – IT’S STILL FUCKING EXPENSIVE FOR ME. But I get it, I really do. Because I’ve been eyeing the same $50 kitchen canisters for 2 months now. FUCK YOU CRATE & BARREL!

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