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Hella Relatable.

::Season 2, Episode 1 SPOILER ALERT::

I watched the entire season premiere of Insecure on my tiny ass iPhone y’all. I planned on watching it the following morning on TV like a normal person, but since you chucklefucks on social media got trigger fingers, I didn’t want to risk a spoiler. It was that serious. Thankfully, the episode did not disappoint and the blurry vision from staring at a 5″x3″ screen in the dark was worth it. I’m usually left with the feels after watching Insecure and this time was no different. 

It got me wondering what exactly about the show got me waving my hand in the air and praying to the ‘chuch of Issa. Not since 2:45 of this Sex and the City scene has a television series had me clutching my chest and saying, “Gworrrrrrl” so much. I’ve watched plenty of shows about heartache, friendship and infidelity, so what made this one any different?

The likely culprit would be “White people problems”. Meaning this show is more relatable to people of color like myself. However, I eliminated that notion early on. While it’s definitely true, it wasn’t true for me. I don’t care if you’re white, black, Puerto Rican or Haitian … getting cheated on makes you feel the same way regardless of what color your skin is. For me, the homie Jeyel hit the nail on the head when he said it’s the specificity of the topics that make the show stand out. 


Insecure is able to take a topic and break it up into tiny pieces that make up all of us. Sure, “Becky” would’ve had a yacht party where some rich douchebags came and crashed it instead of a bunch of bloods starting a trash fire, but almost every Becky and Issa and Sundeep and Consuela has tried to impress an ex and failed. The show talks about common issues like being a ho, which is nothing new round these parts. But what makes it resonate to the point of me writing a blog about it are the details. Because I am absolutely positive I’ve asked someone to “Teach me how to ho” before. 

Editors Note:: There was one scene in the last episode I couldn’t relate to.  You know the part where Lawrence finally picks up his mail and they bang it out really quick? Not that part. If you’ve read my blog for a while then you’ll know I can absolutely relate to bad decisions. It’s the part after that when he gives her the homie kiss and leaves her on the couch by herself. She smiles afterwards. DAFUQ? Blasphemy! I for sure thought she would break down into tears. At least that’s what I did when I was in that situation. 

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