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Head vs. Heart – TBT 11.18.10

I can’t remember the last time somebody told me to listen to my head instead of my heart. Oh wait, that’s because NOBODY has ever told me to do that. Quite honestly, I wish someone did. Or at least, put the idea out there. Or at the very least, didn’t speak of it as if it were the Antichrist.

‘Cuz I really don’t think it’s as bad as it sounds.

Sure, we’ll never know what could happen if we don’t take the risk. But if that’s the case, we won’t know what we’re missing either. It’s like being born deadly allergic to chocolate. Long as you never try it, then you’ll never know how delicious it is. Sounds like a jaded rant doesn’t it? Naw, simply logic perception. Which is probably why it never works. Because when emotions are involved, all logic gets thrown out the window … along with picture frames, clothes, Js, and video game consoles lol.

They say “Love conquers all.” Does it really? ‘Cuz I beg to differ. As long as there’s love you’ve got a chance, but I said it before and I’ll say it again: Love is never enough. Otherwise there would be less divorces, more happy families, infidelity would be synonymous with unicorns, and I’d be married with one kid and another one on the way by now.

Don’t get me wrong, following your heart is not only encouraged – but courageous as well. I’ve got my stripes to prove it. But there comes a point in everyone’s lives where after doing the same thing over and over and over again, and coming up with the same negative results over, and over and over again – YOU GOTTA STOP THAT SHIT. And if it means following your head instead of your heart, well then

Everyone reaches this epiphany at different times in their lives, and I guess my time is now. I’m not bitter – I’m better. This is NOT because I don’t make mistakes anymore (Jesus Christ, I just made a huge one not too long ago). It’s just that it’s easier for me to pick and choose my battles, distinguish who and what’s worth fighting for, and most importantly – learn from my mistakes. And one thing I’ve learned, is that it doesn’t hurt to listen to your head every now and then.

I won’t tell you to do the same but I will tell you to at least consider it. I just did, and guess what? I’m a happy fucking camper. The mind is 1-0 right now and I ain’t even mad. Because another thing I’ve learned, is when you listen to your mind at the right time – it leads you to love anyway.


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