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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

This morning I read Jozen’s post on turning 30, and just like him I hope the rumors are true for I am not far behind. I don’t know how the next decade of my life will compare to my last, I can only hope it’s just as good to me if not better. But while I don’t know what even tomorrow brings, I can say that I enjoy my life right this very minute more than I did when I was 25; setbacks, bills, heartaches, and slower metabolism and all.

Last night me and the homie grabbed a beer after he played ball. At the bar we discussed Fuel TV (which I need in my life), the white dude who just recited a Dr. Dre lyric to his date, and the kid he wanted to backhand during his game.

“That’s good your exercising. It’s good for your heart,” he told him.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Nothing says “you’re fucking old bro,” like a 19-year old on summer vacation thinking it’s cool that you play ball … especially at your age. Strangely enough, I think I’m in better shape now than I was in college. Sure I could drink more back then, and eat whatever the fuck I wanted without muffin top over my size one denim … but for the most part that’s all I did, party and bullshit. I’m pretty sure my 29-year old self can outrun my 25-year old self. And maybe I could drink more liquor at 25, but I’m almost positive that at 29 I can handle it better.

When you’re young, you think you’re invincible, and in a sense you are. Either way, no one can tell you any different. As much as I may be young at heart, I ain’t in denial “… I’m only getting older somebody shoulda told ‘ya.” Shit happens like gravity, and if you’re like me – a a beer belly. I work out and eat better (not good, just better lol) now, because I HAVE to. Also, because I WANT to. Because I wanna be the chick that feels 6, and looks 25 with a body to match.

It’s funny because you can’t wait to get older, and then you dread it, and then you come full circle and embrace it once more. Whether it’s when you turn 21, 25, 30, or even 40 – it’s when you realize that it’s not about being invincible anymore. It’s about rolling with the punches, dodging bullets if we can, and healing ourselves if we can’t.

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