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Guilty As Charged (my current guilty pleasures).

Everyone has at guilty pleasure. Yours might even be this blog. Below are some of mine. Now please share yours, so I don’t have to feel so bad about myself. Thanks.

Pretty Little Liars. I saw the picture below while scrolling down my Tumblr feed and got way too giddy for my own good. It was reminiscent of me hearing Debbie Gibson’s Only in My Dreams on the radio as a child. Immediately after, I looked over both of my shoulders to make sure no one saw me. I’m pretty sure no one over the age of 20 is even supposed to know what PLL is, what more know to refer to the show as PLL. What more follow its cast members on Instagram. What more have a crush on  be completely obsessed with its leading man. Oh dear I’ve said too much. I promise I’m not watching Season 3 online as I type this.

Tumblr. Speaking of Tumblr, I can’t believe how much stupid shit is on there. It’s no wonder I sometimes repost 6 things in a row. I have never seen so many cute baby pictures of other children, or ghetto news interview gifs. Tumblr is like the pit of despair. It’s where you go to be entertained by the most meaningless shit at the risk of losing braincells, and probably why my attention span is gradually decreasing.

Yup, found this on Tumblr too.

Ke$ha: Ke$ha is probably the guilty pleasure I’m most ashamed about. I mean look at her. You know the cloudy, STD ridden water at a pool party in Vegas? That’s what she reminds me of. Yet, We R Who We R was the very first song I ever bought and downloaded onto my iPhone when I got it in 2010. Ugh, I don’t believe I just disclosed that information on here. I’ve deleted it off my phone since, but I remember always hiding it from other commuters when I would take out my phone and play it on the train. In my defense me and my – never mind, there’s no justifying Ke$ha. I just can’t help it, all her songs make me want to take acid and do the tootsie roll with unicorns underneath a Kool-Aid waterfall.

Bad Girls Club Mexico: OK maybe I lied. This might be the winner. I was late in the BGC game, and caught my first episode by accident while turning to the wrong channel to watch probably another bad reality television show. This was the first season I caught, and will probably be my last. There’s only so much catty, ignorant fuckery I can take before I feel like I’m doing a disservice to women everywhere. But for the record, Team Megan all the way.

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