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GATNB x Jeyel – Music Mondaze Mixtape

Well this was inevitable. I only wonder why it took so long. Maybe it’s because I thought Jeyel was too snooty to make me a mix (lol). At any rate, click the image below to listen to what’s currently bumpin on repeat for me. If GATNB had a soundtrack, it would probably sound a lot like this. A bi-polar musical collection of all things sweet and spicy, classy and trashy, and irrationally logical. Like a pair of Louboutins and fresh out the box Js all in one.

#mia #unstoppablesantigold #jheneaikohoemiguel #needsumluvazealiabanks #ellevarnerrefill #jeyelpedia #wildfiresbtrkt #everyonebutmelykkeli #nohandsneonhitch #badgirlsinparis #rightheregoapele #infiniteguitarssleighbells #lissiepursuitofhappiness #chaumaynedstruktremix

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