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Friend Like Me.

You ever have a friend that always seems to have an opinion on your dysfunctional relationship even when you don’t ask? One that calls you out on the same exact shit she’s done before? Well I’m that friend. Better yet, do you remember the episode of Sex And The City where Carrie announces that she’s giving up her life and moving to Paris for Alexander Petrovsky, and everyone pretends to be happy for her except for Miranda? Well I’m Miranda.

I’m a good friend (yup, I’m a good friend), but I have a hard time acting like one. I have a hard time sitting back, saying nothing, and watching the people that I love get hurt. Over. And over. And over again. While I’m aware it’s none of my business, and folks will do what they want regardless of whatever cautionary tales they’ve heard, I still refuse to support their bad decisions and honestly feel I don’t need to. What I will do is love them regardless.

In no way am I blaming my over-protectiveness on the lack of female relationship mentors I have. But. It would be nice to have someone lead by example for once. It’s sad when you can’t think of a single woman who puts their foot down … AND KEEPS IT THERE. Alas, no one is responsible for filling in this position for us other than ourselves. So more than being “that friend” to my friends, and more than my friends being “that friend” to me. I have to be that friend to myself

I hope everyone remembers the end of that SATC episode though. Carrie moved to Paris in haste, and desperate for love only for things to fall apart. But if she didn’t leave, Big may have never realized she was the one and they may have never ended up together. Who knows. However, one things for sure: Miranda was right all along. But like a real friend, she never admitted it.

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