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NYE 2013 was probably my favorite NYE look ever. Although not planned, I ended up with a beautiful modern Grecian x Harlem Nights theme. Unfortunately, I don’t wake up like this. Click after the jump for info on the ladies that helped me turn heads that night.


I was reunited with my favorite makeup artist Tee for this special occasion, and am so glad she made herself available to work her magic on me. She always does a flawless job without making me feel like my face is caked up. We were originally going to do a glitter eye with just liner and a dark lip, but when she lost her glitter I opted for a cut crease instead. You can’t see my lips here, but she was almost able to match my dress perfectly by using Nightmoth liner with Faultlessly and Bing lipstick all by Mac.


I unfortunately forgot to take detailed pictures of my hair, but it was a gorgeous mass of rockabilly/pinup curls swept to the side courtesy of my girl Angie at Dolled and Dapper Salon in Hayes Valley. Their spot is so cute, and they take good care of you (I got a glass of wine to start off my night early 🙂 I’m not sure if they always do that, but I recommend their salon either way! I bought a head piece on Etsy, but it was unfortunately too small. Angie suggested I try to bobby-pin it on, and luckily it worked! I couldn’t find the lasso type necklace I wanted, so I got a body chain on Etsy that ended up working perfectly since my dress was practically backless.


And finally, the dress! I saw my old co-worker post a picture of herself in this same exact dress from Shop Last Night, and bought it right after with  no hesitation. This was over a month ago, and I’m glad I waited for the perfect occasion to wear it. I got so many compliments on it, and it was so comfortable to wear. It’s pretty flattering on almost every figure. I’m only 5’00” and have no boobs, and was still able to feel like a Goddess in it.

I always have so much fun getting ready for NYE parties. It’s like prom for adults! I’ll have more pictures from that night later this week.

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