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It’s no secret. I’m a tiny lil’ thang. And a common assumption men have in regards to my height is that because I’m so short, I don’t mind a short guy. But a common truth in regards to petite females like me is that we’re even more specific in regards to it. Some say beggars can’t be choosers but honey, nobodys begging and trust that there is a method to our madness. This is mine …

It’s not about being shallow, or even picky. It’s about feeling safe, comfortable, and at home. And it just so happens that I feel most at home in the arms of a man who is significantly taller than me. Not to say I wouldn’t give a guy a chance if he didn’t meet my preferences, ‘cuz I have, and I’d do it again if he otherwise made me happy. But there’s actually more to it than just height.

Safe to say that most people would like an athletic partner, or someone that at least looks like they’re in shape. Not me. I want one that IS in shape. For several reasons, with “appearance” being least important so since it’s the most basic, lemme tackle that aspect first.

Of course we need to be physically attracted to our partners, I haven’t met a woman who turned down tickets to the gunshow yet. Whoever said looks weren’t important is either ugly or woofin, or both. And it don’t matter if you think he’s cute, long as I do. ‘Cuz I’m gonna be loving him and fucking him – NOT YOU.

Moving on though, I am an active person myself. If I’m not running, I’m at the gym, and will start Bikram again once my wallet permits me too. My man doesn’t have to be a triathelete, but it’s nice to have someone who cares about his health and well-being as much if not more than I do. I have cheat days and get lazy too, but it be just a tad unsettling for me to come home from the gym every single time to see my man laying in bed looking like Pearl from Blade watching World Star Hip Hop with his laptop on his belly. Mind you, I’m not a health or gym freak either. But the couple that works out together, has awesome sex together lol. Which brings me to the next subject …

I don’t want to kill you in bed. That’s all. LOL.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a man that takes care of himself physically takes care of himself mentally. This keeps me in check and makes me want to do the same. Working out to the point where it becomes a routine, shows me that a man inhibits a sense discipline, is goal-oriented, and likes to take care of himself. And that right there, is just as sexy as a 6-pack.

“Every guy wanted to be him, and every girl wanted to fuck him”~Jenna Jameson


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