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>Doing It, and Doing It, and Doing It Well.

>Alright look people. I know you mean well and just want to see your heartbroken friends smile again, but unless they’ve spent the past month staring at the wall, starving, drowning in a pool of their own tears, and barely living (hey, that only happened once and it was a long time ago lol) – please stop telling them to, “DO YOU.”

As if they weren’t going to work every morning. As if they stopped making people laugh. As if they weren’t grinding even harder to accomplish their goals. As if they didn’t just get their hair done, nails done, everything did. As if they didn’t just get a new job. As if they’re not breaking necks. As if they weren’t having breakfast/brunch/lunch/happy hour/dinner with friends. As if they didn’t just spend the weekend with their favorite baby cousin. As if they weren’t going on vacations. As if they’re not hitting the gym. As if they’re not running the beach. As if they’re not helping others. As if they’re not keeping busy. As if they ever stopped doing any of these things to begin with.

Because telling someone to, “Do you,” only works for those who lost themselves in their relationship … or never found themselves to begin with. But for those of us who refuse to lose even when we’re with a winner? Then what? What do you say?

Because we love going out with our girls, then coming home to our man. We love turning our dreams into reality, but seeing you in both. We love being happy, minus the happy pounds. And while family will always comes first, (until that day comes) you come a close second.

Because we would never allow you to lose sight of what’s important, long as we’re a part of that vision.

Because we don’t need you to be our life, but we want you in it.

Because I’ve always done me. I always do me. Now can you blame me for wanting to do me, with him?

“Do you?”

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