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For old people like me, weddings and New Years Eve have replaced prom and winter formals. I may not go out that often nowadays, but when I do, I definitely go hard. So NYE is a big deal for me. It doesn’t matter if I’m attending a club event, or an intimate dinner at someone’s house. Regardless, I love a good excuse to get extra spiffy since I’m usually in sweats five days a week. Still, there are other things to consider asides from your clutch matching your dress. Here is my list of  must-haves for a fun and foolproof NYE.

Makeup bag. Similar, but not to be confused with a whore kit, you’re obviously going to need something to keep everything in. This is going to be hard, because you’ll be limited to what you can actually carry around with you while you’re drinking champagne straight out the bottle and dancing the night away. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Carrying a large clutch you can conceal a slightly smaller makeup bag in works, or you can carry everything in the clutch itself.

Foldable (or disposable) flats. These are so essential. Not only to prevent you from being that girl after the club, but for concealing a potential walk of shame the next morning. Lots of times, it’s the shoes that give it away. Unless you typically wear glittery, stripy stilettos at 9am in the morning.

Leggings. Just like the flats, a pair of leggings can change your life and entire look the following morning. I once kept a pair in my jacket pocket, and even though I was wearing a see through tank during my walk of shame, the pair of leggings made it look like it was an intentional outfit. It can tone down a mini dress, but still make a huge difference. You’ll also appreciate it when it’s cold.

Eyelash glue. A fucked up eyelash can be the difference between looking fierce and looking a hot mess. Even if you’re not that drunk, a dangling eyelash will give the impression of what you would look like at the end of the night. You can obviously take them off after the party, but during it’s best to just touch it up.

Makeup wipes. Probably the easiest way to “clean up” after a long night regardless of where you wind up (God forbid it be at your own hotel room or even worse *gasp* home). They can also double up for a ho bath, and if they’re scented can make you smell fresh even if you’ve been a dirty girl.

Wisps. I realize that a lot of these items are already listed in my “Whore Kit” entry, but this is specifically for NYE in the event you don’t get back to your actual overnight bag essentials. Wisps are good because they can double as gum and a toothbrush.

Phone charger. That’s if you don’t lose your phone of course. Nothing is worse than being separated from your friends with a dead phone. At least with a charger, you can find some restaurant or hotel lobby to hang out in while you make a quick phone call. If you want to be EXTRA careful, you can also keep a handwritten list of frequently used numbers. You just never know what will happen.

Bobby pins. You can be completely sober and have the sharpest outfit on, but if your hair is fighting with your head, you will still look a disheveled mess. A hair tie or some bobby pins will give you life.

Money, money, money, money – MONEY! I wouldn’t suggest carrying racks on racks on racks on a night you may accidentally be left alone, drunk. However, you definitely want to carry a little more than usual in addition to your ID and debit card.

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