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I stopped making New Years resolutions a long time ago. I was one of those people who swore I would stop doing “insert vice here” and start doing “insert wishful thinking here,” only to let myself down before January was ever over.

A trending hashtag this holiday season was #NewYearNewMe. While most people swore by the mantra with promises of hitting the gym and letting go of negativity, there were also those who mocked it. What side am I on? I Johnny Cash it. 

I can’t stand people that preach about change when they have no common cents. And it’s annoying as fuck to see people break the same resolution for the fifth year in a row. It’s hard to take them seriously. But why would I hate on someone for trying to better themselves? It’s the first step in the right direction and commendable regardless of whether or not they actually execute their plans.

I’ve just found that if you really want to change – you will. And if you’re really not committed, no date will change that.

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