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Can You Stand the Rain?

You ever wake up in the morning feeling like shit, then you go outside and it looks like shit? So your like “Fuck my life, just shoot me already!”? Yah, that was me this morning. Wah-ing, just waiting for a huge gust of wind to blow a big rigg right on top of me. But the longer I waited for it to happen, the more I got soaked by Hurricane Let’s Knock Abi While She’s Already Down instead, so I snapped outta it and laughed at my dumb ass all the way to Bart.

I heard New Edition’s Can You Stand the Rain, and it really couldn’t have been more appropriate. There’s a shit storm outside, and inside my head isn’t any more stable. But. I’ve somehow managed to convince myself that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. Maybe not now. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not for a while. But, everything will be OK. Because I will MAKE IT OK. Imagine that. I’ll probably have an anxiety attack in 15 minutes, but the simple fact that I can even say the words, “everything will be OK” right this very minute is pretty fucking amazing.

Like the song says, “On a perfect day, I know that I can count on you. When that’s not possible, tell me, can you weather the storm?” Well, CAN YOU? Anyone and everyone can be there for you during the good times. But it’s those who refuse to leave me during my worst, that I remember and choose to share my success, my happiness, my wealth, and my love with.

So can I stand the rain? I mean, not really. It’s cold and my socks get wet, and my hair gets all fucked up. Dancing and splashing in puddles when dressed appropriately with nowhere else to go is cool and all, but I much rather be in bed canoodling and shit. But will I hang in there until the sun comes back out and it’s all double rainbows and glittery goodness once again? Best believe it. And I ain’t even flinching.

Giving up is for the weak and running away is for the scared. Mother Nature’s a bitch, but I am of the same breed. Bring it on life. Now let’s go get WET.

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