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Dear Abi,

First off. Your blog is the shizz. I swear you keep me dyin laughin at work. Thank you! Ok, so my question is I like this guy and I feel like he likes me.But “officially” he is single and can do what he wants and same as I. But I’m not no dumb fee (at least I think I’m not). So I would always tell him he has major groupies and hoes etc. So last month I went to visit him (he lives in San Jose and me in LA). And one night after the club we were drunk or whatever and I glanced at his phone and saw like hella pics of these chicks. I was in there too cuz I sent him pics of me too. And he tells me the pics are of girls he used to mess with. But I’m like why would you even keep them if you say you wanna wife me?? And he tells me they dont matter and stuff. Am I trippin? He sounds super suspect. I don’t want to be a dumb fee and let him play me like Boo Boo the Foo. Plus he lives hella far from me. God knows what he be doin.

Signed, No Boo Boo the Foo

First OFF, let me start off by saying thank u, u r fabulous Boo Boo. Now sit down and momentarily brace urself.


That’s what I first said to myself right after I read ur email. Now that I got that offa my chest, I can be rational and attempt to give Mister Man the benefit of the doubt. In my opinion, it can be hard trying to maintain a relationship PERIOD, so what more when the people involved live hundreds of miles away from each other? I’ve known people who live with their significant others and still get played so just know that my red flag is up for a reason. However, the bottom line here as u stated urself is: he is single. U’d like to think that even though ur not technically bf and gf, he’d still be considerate towards ur feelings and treat u as if yall were together … but yall ain’t. If sumthn ever went down, he can and will pull the “y u trippin, u ain’t even my girl,” card on u. I used to “mess” with this dude and slept over his house one night to find mad girl products in his bathroom, I’m talkin Skintimate shaving gel, a PINK razor, the works. What he tell me? “Oh, my sister stopped by.” To what? To take a shower? Git the fuck outta here! But when it came down to it, I couldn’t say SHIT. ‘Cuz who was I? Def not a bootycall but at the same time def not his girlfriend so really, it ain’t none of my biniss who’s purple loofah that was, feel me? Having said that, I don’t know ur dude or his character. For all I know he could be a stand up guy. But if he likes u enough to wanna wife u up like u said, I personally don’t see any reason for these pics of random chicks he used to talk to to still be in his cell phone. That’s not only suspect but just tacky and unecessary. On the other hand he could totally say, “Who cares? They’re just pictures.” It’s up to u if ur willing to accept that excuse and move forward. There is a possibility he could be telling the truth though, so let’s roll with that for now. Just remember that saying, “Trick me once shame on u, Trick me twice shame on me.”

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