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Better Late Than Never!

For those of you still scrambling to get laid on Valentine’s Day, here are my personal favorite date night picks. Feel free to suggest some of your own, and as usual have an amazing weekend!

Sporting Event: Celebrate the day before or after with my favorite men until April: the Golden State Warriors. Because to me, nothing screams romance more than beer, ball, and your boo. It’s fun, not too expensive, and something both parties can enjoy. If your significant other isn’t a sports fan then you need to break up with them immediately. And if you aren’t a sports fan, then may the force be with you.

Concert: The Bay Area is lucky to have the sexiness known as Lenny Kravitz and Raphael Saadiq at the Fox Theater on Valentine’s Day. Fellas, bring your date here and these two will do all the foreplay for you. By the time Cinna Lenny hits you with the It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over make sure you already have the car running out front, because your lady should already be two slow-jams past horny.

*After writing this, I noticed that the event was sold out according to the Fox Theater website. However, tickets can still be found on StubHub if you got the money to blow-oh-oh-oh.

But for those of you who don’t, the anomaly of a producer known as Ryan Leslie will be at Ruby Skye the same night.

Lounge around: I finally got a chance to visit B. Street and Vine in San mateo, a wine bar that serves small meals and “I wanna slap somebody” bruschetta. It’s a really cute, low-key spot that has a live jazz band play during the weekends. The best part is a decent bottle of red wine will cost you just $40 and a hefty plate of bruschetta goes for $12. Plus free entertainment? Check please! (p.s. I wouldn’t suggest eating a full meal here. WIne, bruschetta, and dessert are your best bets)

And if all else fails, nothing says “I Love You” more than a home cooked meal, Netflix, and some good head.

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