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We’ve already established this, and I’ve admitted it several times. I jump into pools with all my clothes on, pretend to answer red carpet interview questions while driving, and wait for someone’s text all day then don’t reply when they do. But perhaps the craziest part about me is I still believe.

I believe in the innocence of a child. I look at my baby-cousins and wish that I could just protect them from what lies outside the walls of their backyard. I hope that all they’ll ever have to worry about in life is mom yelling at them for taking out all the rocks in the fire pit and putting them in the bathtub. I believe that this innocence could possibly carry through with them until they have children of their own.

I believe in the good God in people. That I will lose my wallet with $67.13 in cash, my credit card, ATM card, Starbucks giftcard, and Clipper card in it and whoever finds it will mail it back to me with nothing missing. Because I would do the same. That “please,” and “thank-you” still exist, and it’s safe for people to walk around by themselves at night. That people are good people because … they are good people.

I believe that dreams do come true. That the worst thing that can happen is you don’t even try. That you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. That you and I were put on this Earth for a purpose, and I’ve finally found mine. I believe that you can quit the job you hate, begin the life you love, and enjoy it with people who share and support your vision. I mean, why not right?

Lastly, and I don’t even know how this is even possible but – I believe in true love. Still. The shit that makes you want to do snow angels on the ground when it’s not even snowing. The kind that makes other people wanna throw-up but secretly admire. I believe that two people can date, fall in love, get married, have children, and live happily every after. Haaaaaaah.

Fucking ridiculous right?

Because you got babies having babies. Kids in elementary school cussing out adults and robbing people, and little girls on WSHH tip-drilling at house parties. Because some people won’t even wait until you drop your wallet to take your money. Because you got broads killing their own children then joining a hard-body contest the very next day. Because it’s a motherfucking recession out there and it’s every man for themselves. Because times are tough, and the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. By the way, it would be abso-fucking-lutely-crazy to quit your job in this economy! Besides, dreams only come true in Disney cartoons.

And. WTF is love anyway? I can’t remember the last time I met someone whose parents were still happily together. Or saw a handsome, cultured, intelligent, talented, and funny man that was helplessly devoted and in love with his woman. I come from a family of womanizers. I have been hurt more than I have been loved, and sadly people got me thinking that I am less than amazing just because they didn’t treat me like I was. So how the fuck am I supposed to believe in love? In innocence? That the good shall prevail, and dreams do come true? Dat. shit. cray.

But to not believe would be even crazier.

*Sidenote* Sorry Jey. Had to say it lol.

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