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Bali So Hard Pt. II

You can find dozens of Bali blogs on the internet with very useful tips for your trip, but what I wanna know is, Do I need to bring this? Because I want to look cute for pics, but don’t want to overpack. So here are my tips for those who are simple and love to be efficient … but are also petty AF.

  1. If you do the sunrise volcano hike and a hot springs package is an option – DO IT. You can thank me later.

  2. Tylenol, Imodium, and EmergenC – BRING IT

  3. Download a currency converter prior to your trip and memorize how many IDR’s = $5, $10, and $20. Not necessary, but it will make your life easier.

  4. Buy one of THESE (so clutch)

  5. Also by THIS if you are prone to mosquito bites. They sell them in Bali for cheap

  6. “Stay as long as you can”-Rach

  7. Splurge and eat HERE 30-45 mins before sunset (or any other fancy shmancy dining establishment)

  8. Bring a waist belt/fanny pack

  9. Don’t bring nice luggage unless you don’t mind your cute little marble carry-on getting dragged through rocks

  10. Participate in a temple prayer (probably my biggest regret of the trip, if any) 

  11. Bring an insulated water bottle

  12. Be strategic with your itinerary. Think about what you want to see and plan accordingly. We went to Ubud, Nusa Penida, Nusa Dua, and Canggu. It was a little bit of luxury, island life, traditional culture, and beach (most Western influenced) all in one trip. Think about what’s most efficient when it comes to moving around i.e. the night before your flight, don’t stay somewhere 3 hours away. 

  13. BALL OUT! ‘Cuz you ain’t gonna be able to this back home, especially if you live in SF

  14. “Talk to the locals”-Beebs

  15. Speaking of, don’t be a fucking dick. You are in another person’s country, there will be language barriers. While every person we spoke to knew English, there were still slight communication issues. 

  16. Speaking louder doesn’t mean they’ll understand you more

  17. Keep it SIMPLE. Don’t confuse things by adding unnecessary details or words

  18. No, you do not need all those fucking shoes. And probably not all those clothes. Regardless, a carry-on luggage is perfect (if not more than needed) for a 1 week trip. All you need is … 

  19. One pair of non-fancy sandals to use that are suitable for walking over dirt roads, beach rocks, and on the beach. If you don’t care about WTF you look like, then skip #2 and #3.

  20. One pair of semi-fancy sandals for when you feel like being semi-fancy, duh

  21. The only time you’ll need sneakers are if you’re hiking. We brought beaters and left them there.

  22. If you’re traveling with other people, have each traveler put in a certain amount of money in a “community pot” to be used for things like tips, and taxis/drivers. If there’s money leftover at the end, you can equally divide it amongst each other and save the headache of having to remember who gave what and who owes who.

  23. Look up “Bali Belly” because you’ll probably get it.

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