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Abi cares if don’t nobody else care.

Everyday I think about the struggles that people are going through – both big and small, and am so proud of how they continue to slay at life. So much that I was inspired to write a post about it. So shout out to …

All  my folks out there just killing shit and slaying life. Balancing babies and brunch.  Business and bachelor parties. I want to be like y’all when I grow up. 

Shout out to my females who’ve been publicly humiliated by their partner, yet kept their clap back in private. The ones who didn’t post blatant memes, or fire shots via social media updates. I see y’all doing your thang, moving forward, and letting karma do the dirty work for you. 

Shout out to all the fellas who don’t get into relationships unless they know they can be faithful. Shout out to all the fellas who were in relationships and broke up with their girlfriends instead of cheating on them. Look at you caring about other people’s feelings and shit.

Shout out to everyone who “Envisioned. Executed. and Enforced”. The go-gettas who had an idea, and made it a reality. Creating social media business pages, and applying for EID’s.  Who’s a big boy/girl now?!

Shout out to those who aren’t where they want to be right now, but aren’t letting it define them. Those who haven’t given up on the dream although they have a hard time sleeping. 

Shout out to my bitches that are all put together commuting and at the airport. And shout out to my bitches looking flawless in sweats. Special shout out to my pregnant bitches in heels – y’all the real MVP. 

Shout out to the folks who remain loyal even if it’s from a distance. Shout out to those who do the right thing even when no one’s watching, and even if no one will ever know. Shout out to my soldiers who kicked cancer’s ass. Shout out to everyone who still care even though we live in a world where giving zero fucks is highly encouraged and glamorized.Shout out to those who have no problem saying sorry, and to those who have no problem accepting apologies. Shout out to those who still think LOVE > Everything, y’all are a dying breed. 

Shout out to my people who have no idea how the fuck you’re going to get up everyday to face life, but do it anyway. You are a motherfucking BAWSE. 

And shout out to YOU. For still clicking on my links. Still reading my posts. Still reposting the ones that hit home And still believing in me. 

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