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a day like today.

some days it’s no snooze button and not being distracted during meditation. it’s a matching yoga outfit and hitting every pose. it’s a well-balanced breakfast and mushroom coffee. it’s shaving your legs and even brushing your hair, a vitamin-c serum and clear, dewy skin. it’s laying in the grass while the sun kisses your face, a warm breeze tickling your tummy, and no shoes on.

some days it’s zoom happy hours with hats and scarves and sunglasses and even makeup. it’s Babyface vs Teddy Riley (can you hear me now?) and a luxurious glass of wine. it’s uni pasta and sushi grade tuna. it’s a clay mask and a furry robe while sipping on bubbles.

other days it’s ramen. a hard boiled egg, or nothing at all. it’s making excuses and not answering any calls or text messages. it’s a messy room and messy head. an unmade bed, and made up mind to be miserable. it’s wilting flower petals and dirty dishes piled up in the sink. unopened mail and a reflection in the mirror that reminds you of all the things you used to love to hate.

other days it’s waking up in a daze because you only had three hours of sleep. it’s keeping the door closed and blackout curtains down even at 1:30pm. it’s forcing yourself out of bed only to lay on the couch. it’s wallowing in misery and finding comfort in your resentment. it’s neglecting your responsibilities, and ignoring the fact that you are still stronger than your worst day. it’s refusing to choose joy, because the anger almost empowers you.

like i said, we have our good days and we have our bad days. but even on the bad days, you can still find something good.

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