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Weekend Round-Up.

In case you missed it the first time, check out this past weeks posts below! And don’t forget to follow GATNB on Instagram here!


We Stay Fly, No Lie, and You Know This.  I once heard that a suit to a woman, is like lingerie to a man and I completely agree. If that’s the case, then basketball shorts are to women, what yoga pants are to men.

Food For Thought.  Because the only thing worse than someone hating something because it got popular, is someone hating something because hating it got popular as well.

Day Drunking. Day drinking is awesome. The hangover you get from day drinking? Not so much.

Snow Bunnies (hump-day post).  Today’s weather calls for cold, wet, BALLS.

Give Me Your Love (TBT post).  The kind of love that makes the movies jealous. That innocent like a child, wreckless like a teenager, grown like tomorrow kinda love. That “We don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn,” love.

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