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Weekend Round-up.

In case you missed it the first time, check out this past weeks posts below! And don’t forget to follow GATNB on Instagram here and Facebook here!

Last Everything. Then you get to a certain age, and realize that someone will have always been there before you. You may not even be someone’s first wife or husband at this point. But it’s also at this point where you realize that his firsts are irrelevant. When you’re older, it’s all about “lasts”.

Trust Your Struggle. I experienced panic attacks so intense, I often times didn’t leave the house, was in therapy and had no reverence for life. Somehow, I made it past the eye of the storm but still had a long way to shore. I found bikram yoga and was able to stay afloat the rest of the way. 

Party Like A Rockstar, Fuck Like A Porn Star (hump-day post). Females don’t get props for fucking porn stars like men do, we just get called dirty whores. Oh who am I kidding? There’s definitely an 80% 90%95% chance I’d let him hit if no one would ever find out.

Nothing will ever be the same, Once you’ve had a broken heart But know now nothing will ever be as bad, So be thankful for that part

Just remember you’re stronger than you think, And there will eventually be someone new To love you better, to love you harder, To breathe life back into you

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