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The UnAbler

Like so many others, when I love – I love hard. I’m talking to the moon, and back with a pit-stop in hell in between hard. Oh what, you need five more minutes? Fine, I’ll burn right here next to you hard. And this goes for all my relationships, including my friendships. 

It’s almost a proven fact that in order to truly learn a lesson, one must make a mistake first. There unfortunately isn’t a “life manual” that you can simply flip through, and be tested on at the end. In order to get through it, you gotta go through it. And usually when people are going through it, they want to hear uplifting shit like, “It’s OK girl,” “You’re not stupid,” and “It happens”. Not me.

Friends of the world, I give you fool permission to give me tough love. And no that is not a typo. Because there comes a point where it’s no longer OK, where it is stupid, and shit doesn’t “just” happen, it happens as a direct result of some shitty decision you made.

So if you know I’m about to leave the party to go “hang out” with someone I shouldn’t be “hangout out” with, I don’t expect you to chain my ass to the furnace, but I’d like for you to not encourage me either. And I definitely don’t need you bringing over a band-aid when I really need an ambulance once the damage has already been done in an attempt to alleviate the seriousness of it all. If you knew I’d stab myself the minute I got hold of a knife, why would you hand over the Ginsu?

In no way am I blaming my friends for my poor decisions, we’re all adults here and do what we do regardless of what we are told. And everyone is different, but for me at least? If you really want to be a good friend? I don’t ask that you reprimand me, I don’t ask you make me feel bad. All I ask is you tell me the truth.

“and you love your friends, but somebody should’ve told you sum’n – to save you …”

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