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Something From Nothing.

By now, you probably have the same look of angst on your face as I do whenever I go to one of my favorite blogs only to find the most recent post be three weeks old. I’M SORRY. Today I break my first ever (and hopefully last) two week streak of not writing, not blogging, and just to be overly dramatic – not breathing. How do I begin explaining myself? I don’t. I let Jozen do it instead:

“You built a following by writing personal things, and being honest, but over time you started holding back. It used to be easy, writing five days a week, back when you were actually getting out old feelings about girlfriends in your past. All those thoughts and emotions have been exhumed, and therefore you’ve written less, but there hasn’t been less to write about. There’s been less you’re willing to share.”

In addition to that, I’ve been completely and utterly uninspired. To the point where it’s even hard for me to write about how uninspired I am. I have all these drafts, but no motivation to finish them. I’ll regret saying this if it actually happens, but I almost wish I was heartbroken again, so I had something to write about. Afterall, No Doubt’s greatest hit was a song about the tremulous break up between Gwen and bassist Tony Kanal. And don’t nobody wanna hear Mary J. sing about how happy she is Goddammit!

But. I think that’s one sign of a great writer; the ability to make others feel things, even when they don’t feel anything themselves. So bare with me while I attempt to get my mojo back. Hopefully, I can do it without sending any drunk texts.

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