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Please Advise.

I never thought I was good at giving advice. I started this blog years ago to simply share stories. My stories, your stories, her stories, and his. Along the way, I was able to help people. Help people laugh and cry, but most of all, help people know they were not alone in both their tragedies and triumphs.  

Although I had “relations” with men during the nearly 8 years I’ve had this blog, I was single for most of. And during those single years, I created some of my best work. I may have been an unlikely source for relationship advice considering my relationship status, but I don’t believe it necessarily made my advice invalid. 

While there are obvious questions I have no business answering like, “How do you know when it’s time to divorce?” there are things that never – or at least should never change just because your relationship status does. The amount of respect and love you deserve doesn’t depend on what box you check on your tax forms. And I don’t care what the fuck anyone says, you do not stay in an abusive relationship just because you now have the abuser’s last name. 

There are plenty of people giving advice that are in horrible relationships. There are also people who give great advice, yet just can’t seem to follow it. Does that mean it’s bad advice? No, it just means they have no business judging you for your bad decisions (They shouldn’t anyway, but let’s face it – we all judge even if we don’t mean to). You don’t know the reason why people are single, and you don’t know how happy people in relationships truly are.

The point I’m trying to make is, good advice is good advice and bad advice is bad advice regardless of who it comes from. In the end, none of this actually matters. Because when it comes to matters of love, we don’t listen to anyone but our hearts anyway. 

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