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“No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s never what you

Upon relentlessly submitting resume after application after Jobvite, one thing has become quite apparent: employers want you to be different. They say things like “Grab our attention, tell us why you’re unique!” to which I reply, “I’m not”.

I think I’m as unique as the next hard working, driven, and ambitious person applying for the same position. Obviously, there is not another ME. But to strive to be unique? Isn’t everyone doing that? It’s almost a trick question to me. I mean, a (somewhat) young girl who moves to New York to pursue her dreams? Wasn’t that Coyote Ugly? Burlesque? The Devil Wears Prada? I’ve heard that story before. Many, many times. Even from some of my own friends.

But while the goal may not be unique, the journey usually is. And even if it’s similar to someone else’s, it does not mean it is any less special. No one wants to know about your current success more than they want to know about what you did to get there.

I still don’t have a job.  I never thought I’d have one just a little more than a month in, but I never thought I’d feel so anxious about it either. Sometimes I worry. I told my mom I wouldn’t let it make me feel discouraged. But with one company I applied to stealing a story idea I pitched to them without so much as emailing me back that they won’t be in need of my services, one can’t help but not only feel disheartened, but resentful as well.

I suppose I could strive to be unique, but I rather be GOOD. So that even if someone else takes my idea, I know I did it better. So when companies ask me to tell them why I’m unique, I tell them I’m not.

I just tell them I’m fucking awesome. 

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