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If It Walks Like A Duck, And Swims Like A Duck …

I’ve always been fond of the saying, “If you got it, flaunt it.” But I’m also well aware that someone yelling out their passenger side window, “Damn look at that ass,” when wearing a short, body hugging dress is going to come along the territory of “flaunting it”. I have no qualms about that, and women neither should you. You knew what the fuck you was doing when you wore that low-cut shirt with that push-up bra. But what I do have a problem with, is being called a “ho” because of it.

While it’s not the best source of information, Urban defines a ho as “a women who is easy and will fuck just about anything in a heartbeat.” For me, the true definition of a ho is a woman who fucks someone else’s man or a man that isn’t her own. Either way, neither explanation states a ho as someone who dresses provocatively. So then where does the misconception lie?

Perhaps one of the most infamous examples of this very subject is Dave Chappelle’s comedy sketch below where he condescendingly (although hilariously) talks about women not being hoes, but wearing a hoe’s uniform. Apparently, clothing that is too short, too tight, too see-through, or too low-cut is synonymous with being a ho. Obviously, everyone has their own interpretation of what a “sexy” outfit is. And what is sexy to some may look cheap or distasteful to others. I also have my own sentiments about what looks sexy, and what looks cheap as well. So I get it, but more telling than the way a person dresses or even looks – is the way they carry themselves.

Look at fine ass Halle Berry up there. She’s practically topless, but still regal as ever. You can wear something revealing, but still present yourself with class. Similarly, a woman in a turtle neck can fuck your man just the same as a woman in a Herve Leger dress. So the only “ho’s uniform” I know consist of someone’s dick in your mouth that ain’t your boyfriends. You can use inductive reasoning to say women who dress like ho’s (whatever that may be) are in fact ho’s. But just remember it’s practically like saying all men who wear hoody’s are thugs.

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