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Day Drunking.

Speaking of bottomless mimosas, I wanted to elaborate on day drinking. Along with the popularization of brunch, it wasn’t too far behind. It seems as if day drinking is the new night drinking. I remember the first time I got a hangover before the sun went down like it was yesterday. When in fact, it was about two years ago at drunk kick ball.

From what I barely remember, it was the first time I threw back vodka shots before noon. Needless to say, I didn’t play any kickball that day and was drunk, laying on my girl Ferlin’s giant bean bag at 5pm. By 7pm, I along with the rest of the girls in the room, all woke up with a fiesta in our head. I’m talking a mariachi band, a piñata and a taco truck – they were going hard. Since it was the first time I ever had a “late day” hangover, I was confused. I didn’t think it was possible, but the bottles of water, Saltine crackers and rolls of bread that lay scattered on the floor next to us proved otherwise. We felt like prisoners.

Since then, I’ve (unfortunately) become quite accustomed to this feeling. The Stern Grove festival, Memorial Day at Otis and don’t even get me started on my 30th birthday in Cabo. One might wonder why day drunkers continue to put themselves through such agony? I think it’s because you trick yourself into believing that everything will be OK since you have plenty of time to sober up until the next day. What we fail to remind ourselves is unlike night drinking, which usually starts at the club around 10pm and ends no later than 2am (or 4am if you’re gully and live in NY), is day drinking can often last for up to eight, long hours! It’s practically a job.

A job that you just cant quit, because you love the people you work with and they have awesome “team building” events.

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