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You Already Know Though.

I’ve officially considered myself good luck for Battle of the Bay exhibition games since this is the second year in a row I attended and we won even though the A’s took an early lead. To be fair though, my Giants beanie is still unlucky and the sole reason we lost the two games I wore it to, and the reason why I’ll never wear it again. Yup, it’s that serious.

Anyway, I had a blast last night even though I was running on two hours of sleep. Pretty crazy to see how much the team has changed since 2010. Even if you didn’t pay attention to the Giants, you can almost tell who the remaining World Series champs are by the applause they get when they’re up at bat. Either way, you know I bleed black and orange ’til the day I die. I cannot wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds. I also can’t wait to see more of Angel Pagan, who may just have to be this season’s Yonathan Sanchez for me – aye dios mios!

This is a really bad picture of him, but he doesn’t have very many shots (yet) in SF gear and WTF I look like posting him in another uniform? Besides, we all know they look better in person. Anyway, click after the jump to view pics from last night.

OK, I’m a little annoyed that with the exception of the first pic, the rest came out with a width size of 300. Causing me to resize them manually and distorting the quality. Maybe because they weren’t taken on my own phone and were sent to me. Anywho, here’s our view during the game. What you don’t see are me and Ferl’s delectable crab sammiches. They’re too fucking small and too fucking expensive … but I always end up buying one anyway because they’re so DELICIOUS. *Damn you Krazy Crab!*

I swear I get a little emotional everytime I stroll through the city on a clear night, and with views like these it’s hard not to.

I was running on two hours of sleep by this time, and have decided to make bow and arrow pose the new planking. Especially since I wanted to document my progress since starting Bikram again last month.

At least it’s better than this lol, but in my defense I hadn’t taken yoga since 2009 prior.

Hoping to nail this pose (along with standing head to knee) by the time my Groupon runs out, because I know exactly where I want to take that picture …

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