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Woman to Woman.

I’ve been the weak woman before. I’ve been the strong woman before. I’ve been the ignorant woman. The naive woman. The cold-hearted woman. The forgiving woman. The selfish woman, and the selfless woman. The stupid woman, the wise woman. The logical woman, and the crazy woman. I’ve even been the woman who slept with a man who was sleeping with other women – *smh*.

I once saw a man who I can’t even look at the same anymore. But I suppose it was my fault for looking at him differently to begin with. He was brutally honest, and painstakingly open. It was all I could ever ask for. He said it wasn’t because the truth was right, but because it was easier. The brashness of his words made me respect him even more. He made it seem as if every woman he was involved with understood the situation as I did. Months later, and almost six feet deep into it I come to find out the truth wasn’t so easy for him after all.

See, this is where even the smartest men with their medical degrees and six figure salaries still can’t comprehend simple concepts. You think we’re jealous. No honey. We are not jealous of another woman that thinks you are hers because of the pictures you’re tagged in when you’re tagging other women at night. We’re mad.

We’re mad because we were lied to when we made it so easy for you to tell the truth. And you only lie to someone you have no respect for or don’t think is smart enough to know any better. Most of all, we’re mad because we were put in a compromising position we were completely unaware of. It’s one thing to be one of the many women a man is fucking, and another to be the woman he’s fucking when he’s making another woman feel like she’s his girl, and most of all, eluding her to believe he is her man.

Because even worse than being “the other woman”, is being the other woman when you didn’t even get the choice. But the worst? I suppose it’s being the woman who thinks hopes she’s the only woman. I don’t know how some of you women voluntarily, more than willingly, do it.

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