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With the Gay, Comes the Cray

Started 7/24, completed 7/28 … ‘cuz I’m really good at lagging lol.

So it’s 1:03am and to be quite honest with you – I’m drunk. OK, maybe not DRUNK. But intoxicated enough to be having a fight with my cell phone right now. Do I text him or do I watch “Two Can Play That Game,” on my laptop instead? FML. When did it get so complicated? (FYI Of course I didn’t text, it was 1am and a bootycall I am not.)

I never quite understood the rules. Was never one to follow ’em either. Why is it that when we think someone’s fly, are feelin their personality, and want to text them every 7 minutes of the day – we can’t? Why do we have to wait 30, sometimes 47 minutes before texting them back? If I think you’re cute why can’t I tell you without you or your friends or even my friends thinking I’m giving you too much too soon?

I wish there was some way to fast forward into the future to that one moment where we can find out if shit was gonna work out or if these games we play are being played in vain. So that we wouldn’t have to waste our time with all these potentially pointless dates, and hours of getting ready just to end up in the first outfit we tried on anyway. It would be so much easier that way.

But of course, nothing worth having comes easy” (God I hate quotes. Especially when they’re true lol.). There are no shortcuts or magic remote controls that we can tinker with to take us to that exact moment we fall in like and then love. Sure, it would avoid all the staring at our cell phone, checking it to make sure you got reception, and asking your girl, “Hey can you text me right now I just want to make sure my phone is working.” OF COURSE IT’S WORKING YOU FUCKING CRAZY BITCH.

*sigh* Why do we refuse to listen to logic when we’re in like?

Because along with being gay for someone, you become cray cray for them as well. But if we skipped over all the cray cray we’d miss out on all the fun and amazing too. Like the “Can’t wait for Monday,” texts that make you giggle. Or the time you looked over to see him vigirously wiping his hands on his pantleg and then looking down to see you were doing the exact same thing. Or finding out your favorite movie is his favorite movie, and his favorite band is your favorite band. Or that first kiss.

So you just gotta ask yourself, “Were the fireworks that came along with that kiss worth those 15 minutes of crazy when you thought you said something wrong and he’d never text you again?”

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