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Wishful Thinking.

This might be the ONLY time I ever want my mom to come across my blog – to see what her dear, sweet, hard working, loving daughter who gets her good  looks from her mother  wants for her birthday. Actually, these are just items I’ve been needing to buy, but haven’t been able to because I keep spending my money on bikini waxes, flights, Plentea, and Postmates. With the exception of the target alarm clock (this one will do just fine) and the iPhone projector (how cool is that though?), I really do need everything on this list *ahem* mom. If you’re reading this, feel free to click after the jump to read my 

  1. Nike Pegasus: The Pegasus’ are the only Nike running shoes that have been comfortable for me to run in. Asics or custom running shoes would be preferred, however, I’ve never tried them on and customs are more expensive. Size 6 please 🙂

  2. A PLAIN black belt: Do you know how hard it is to find a plain black belt? I once scoured 13 different stores in the mall to no avail. Either they didn’t have it in my size (sm), or the buckle was too big, or too blinged out.

  3. A thin book shelf: So that I can get my box of books back from Cat’s house and fit them in my tiny room. I’m sure Cat will appreciate this gift just as much as I.

  4. Pinstripe Giants tank: When do I NOT need new Giants gear? Plus, this is cheaper than the Giants pinstripe jersey I really want.

  5. iPhone arm holder: Do you know how hard it is for me to find one that actually fits around my arm? Not as hard as holding my phone in my hand while I run.

  6. Hiking boots: My bum ankle cannot afford to hike without proper shoes, and because I like to do challenging hikes every now and then I can’t afford to trek through the wilderness in some regular beat up kicks. 

  7. Zucchini spiraler: Being active won’t amount to shit if I’m eating like an asshole. Plus, I actually like zucchini noodles. Oh God, that makes me an asshole anyway doesn’t it?

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