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Well, What Do You Expect?

In life, they say to hope for the best but expect the worse. And in relationships, they tell you to not expect anything at all -_- That’s the exact face I’m making right now, and my eyes are pretty big so you know it took some effort. I mean, what kind of fucked up ass shit is that?

Usually, the minute I tell myself not to expect anything, 101 different scenarios pop up in my head. Because there is no way in hell you can expect me not to expect anything when the man I’ve been dating for three months invites me to his cousins wedding where his entire family will be. Naturally, this infers that the man sees enough potential in us to introduce me to the people most important to him, but you mean to tell me that it could mean absolutely nothing? Pretty much.

After a while of not having your expectations met, one might then turn to expecting the worst. This makes sense because it saves you from heartache in the long run, and any good that does come out of the relationship will just be an added bonus. Unfortunately, I’ve found that expecting the worst is even worse. It causes you to doubt everything, and ultimately prevents you from being happy.

Remember this post? One of the friends I mentioned is in the same position as when I originally wrote the post, while the other is currently happy. All because he learned how to be happy in the present without having any expectations for tomorrow. Like I mentioned in this post, it’s still a very hard thing for me to do. Hello, I’m a Virgo. But once you master the art of not expecting anything, you can expect to be happy.

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